In the age where striking a perfect balance between activity and passivity, tension and relaxation is a modern chaos, ZAMA brings in its wellness centers, a sense of balance with gracious culture steeped in hospitality, high level of service with attention to detail treatment program. ZAMA extends a distinct world devoted to awakening one’s senses and giving a simply divine experience, drawing rich history of ancient Indian wellness practices, herbal heals and opulent traditional aesthetics seeking to transcend the day - to -day and discover inner peace.

Zama offers unique apothecary experience which helps you find your own center again, where it’s all about flawless customizations with immediate results with a multitude of treatments procedures primarily based on natural healing resources and products.


  • Our experience at Kayaloram was just fantastic. On our first visit, my husband had a head injury and bled quite profusely but you took good care and his wound healed nicely in a couple of days. I also had massage treatments.. Those who were working there, were all very polite and efficient, in giving me my medicines on time. As well as showing us some yogic asanas by the lake which was a very god experience. Overall it was wonderful.
  • Massage was awesome Possibly best I've ever had. The staff at reception was a really friendly and accommodating. Only slight let down was that the diet was bit strict and Doctors ensured that it is been followed. Visited February 2017.
    Abdul Akheer, Kuwait
  • I had my treatment for a back massage performed by a Doctor who performed a very professional treatment. For all parts of the deep back massage she performed she explained during the process what the benefit would be. The room that I occupied was bright and clean, the decor is influenced by Kerala heritage architecture combined with open shower areas. Would I recommend this retreat - absolutely.
    Oksana, Russia.
  • Thanks to the whole team at ZAMA for taking utmost care of me while my treatment. I feel like a lighter and more relaxed person after a few days of your treatments. I have had many massages and therapies in my time, all around the world, but yours hit the spot that others just don’t reach.
    Mahima Manoj, Mumbai
  • I found complete peace of mind, relaxation, and one to one care. Not only did I receive wonderful food for my body but also for my mind to digest and consider. I arrived feeling a little frazzled and worn out but left really felt wonderful, alive, fresh, renewed and ready to face the world again. I must say, be kind to yourself, come and experience this amazing retreat with some of the loveliest people you will ever meet.
    Ronald Stephen, Washington
  • The treatments were out of this world, so peaceful, so purifying. Thank you Dr. Madhavachandran and entire team of Doctors for bringing me back into my golden life - you are so precious – I am grateful for all your help and your very, very useful knowledge.
    Iris Miles, Sheffield

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