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MIR Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing, privately-held hospitality company in India, which is a part of the multi-faceted business house - Mir Group headquartered at Kochi.

About Zama

An entrepreneurial outlook and sound business practice has driven the successful growth of MIR Hospitality over the last decade. Mir Hospitality caters to various aspects of hospitality solutions from accommodation, health care, adventure, leisure and travel.

ZAMA is the ultimate Ayurveda experience offering kosher authenticity of the practice while let you revel in the most modern hospitality context. The brand is a conglomeration of a pioneer of hospitality – Mir group and MAHAR, a group of veteran doctors with decades of experience in traditional Ayurveda treatments and remedies. ZAMA has adopted a curative approach towards Ayurveda, providing treatments which will always be performed under a doctor’s supervision. The brand operates purely on a scientific platform, completely adhering to quality standards at location with profound ambience begetting to thrive as the unique centre for Ayurveda excellence in the very God’s own country.

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